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For over 30 years, GreenData team members have worked with Global Enterprises to solve critical business problems. We’ve saved more than $1 Billion dollars through cost reduction with project management tools. We’ve replaced legacy systems with effective and economic modern business platforms. We’ve built revenue impacting professional services automation tools.

We look forward to bringing those same skills and passion to solving your most complex business problems!

Enterprise Innovation Services

Project Management has come into its own across the globe since the late 50s of the previous century. Tools and process have continued to evolve to suit modern enterprise requirements. We started in a world  where we tried to figure everything out up front, estimate end to end, and then we’ve found ourselves struggling to understand why it’s so hard to fit evolving requirements against initial estimates. Now, we’ve shifted to the Agile everything world and we find ourselves with similar struggles with predictability. At GrenData, we’ve been through the many lives of Project Management and we are prepared to help you navigate this sea of options to find the right discipline and practice for your organization.

We know it’s daunting, but we also know that it’s achievable. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and build the right model for your team and your organization!

Project Management Optimization & Automation

Enterprise businesses are the products of decades of evolution and growth. It’s inevitable in evolution that some processes have an expiration and the needs of the business change and the operating environment shifts. GreenData team members have worked for 30 plus years with Enterprise, Government, NGO, Non-Profit and Startups to adjust and prune the bonsai, ensuring the continuation of healthy growth. We’ve reimagined business models in the US Government, scaled from experiment to production newly developed businesses like Honda Aircraft and co-developed engines for sales and marketing across multiple startup SaaS businesses.

We know what it takes to adjust, evolve, reimagine and confront the ever changing needs of organizations of all shapes and sizes and we look forward to partnering with you to do the same!

Business Process Optimization & Automation

Software has eaten the world. Now hardware is following right along with it. We no longer build systems to last decades but to last the next few quarters. Continuous development and continuous integration has become all but normal for technologists across the globe. Soon, the software will build more software and hardware for us. The GreenData collective is built of deeply experienced software and hardware development experts. We build engines and models for enterprise to operate efficiently while adjusting to and leveraging the extreme pace of change that has become normal today.

We know what it takes to surf the waves of change while building the tools you need to grow revenue and productivity and we’re ready to do that with you!

Business Application Development & Launch

As problems evolve, business needs evolve. Across the decades, the GreenData team has ridden the many waves of change in software. Building great user experience throughout and enabling thousands of users across hundreds of organizations – the team continuously examines what works and what doesn’t work to successfully launch software products. Across every effort, we place the human at the center of our approach.

We look forward to bringing this same human-centric software design to your organization to solve for the modern world of work!

Product Development & Launch

Venture building has exploded forth upon the world this past decade. Bringing new models and new capabilities as well as a different mindset to building new businesses – venture building asks us all to build fast, fail fast and learn always as we reimagine how things work in the world. A direct response to the tremendous pace of change in technology and in the needs of humanity, Venture Building has found its way into the startup ecosystem and the corporate ecosystem equally.

We are ready to build your next business model, product, or market with you!

Venture Development & Launch