Business Process Design

How do you reach your ideal business processes? Start with the best designers. 


Whether you are building out a new workflow or reimagining old methods, GreenData can help your business realize optimal results. Repeatable processes to achieve specific goals are at the core of your business. Our structured approach to business process design allows for greater efficiency and scalability for your business. Receive best practice knowledge from design experts and enhance the way you do business. Ensure you stay competitive by connecting with GreenData for your design needs.  

Eliminate the stress of missing an important facet of your process design and build new systems quickly. GreenData consultants know design, relying on repeatable design success built on best practice knowledge. GreenData business process design is always customer driven, efficient, and effective. Want to get started on a design? Click here to connect with GreenData for a consultation. 


GreenData is a Trusted Microsoft Partner

We follow Microsoft best practices and desing thinking principles across all our work to craft outstanding solutions and experiences for our clients. 

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Through conversations about current processes and future goals, we work with you to fully understand the workflow and user experience.


Interpret business needs and identify gaps.


Optimize the business process in question, with a high priority on user experience.



Based on requested design detail. Includes: 

  • low/high fidelity mockup 
  • proof of concept 
  • prototype 

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