PPM Practice Design

Achieve increased productivity, job satisfaction, and improved outcomes through Project Portfolio Management practice design. GreenData helps you to design intuitive processes, implement them, and enable continuous improvements for those processes.    

GreenData’s Project and Portfolio Management design is made up of three elements that work together to elevate your business. First, establish a set of processes and governing structures around project management with tools to support them. This element sets clear areas of responsibility and roles. Second, smooth implementation of the new practice design through training. Finally, building continuous improvement into the DNA of the process. Good PPM practice design increases accountability, aligns resources, and expands productivity.  


GreenData is a Trusted Microsoft Partner

We follow Microsoft best practices and desing thinking principles across all our work to craft outstanding solutions and experiences for our clients. 

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1. Analyze

Identify the current state, interpret business needs and identify gaps

2. Design

  • Build a set of processes and governing structures tailored to needs 
  • Codify the way projects are managed and reported on

3. Demonstrate

Provide proof of concepts for consideration

    4. Collect Feedback & Adjust

    Receive feedback from stakeholders and refine the designed solution

    5. Build

    Make necessary changes to the existing process

    6. Implement

    Deliver documentation and training to key business stakeholders


    7. Warrant

    Make any necessary adjustments as the new process is being rolled out

    8. Support and Sustain

    Provide support to business stakeholders and deliver continuous improvement

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