Project Tools and Automation

Deliver projects within budget, achieve better outcomes and higher employee satisfaction with the right tools. Implement technology that matches how you already manage projects. 

Most projects have a lot of moving parts; implementing tools that track those pieces can mean a far more productive team. GreenData will assess multiple options to find the right technologies to meet your needs and eliminate challenges. Project tools provide ways to manage resources, track risks, or create crisp dashboards, to name just a few.  These can also be implemented for client-facing projects such as contract management, quotes, and invoices.  

Tasks are made easier with the right tool, let us find you the correct technology for your project management.  


1. Analyze

a. Analysis of alternatives 

b. Discover needs and challenges 

2. Design

Design the solution comprising of tools and processes tailored to your project management needs.


3. Demonstrate

Provide proof of concepts for consideration.

    4. Collect Feedback & Adjust

    Receive feedback from stakeholders and refine the designed solution.

    5. Build & Test

    Develop the designed solution, processes, and automations, configure technologies and integrations to meet client requirements.

    Create test scripts, and conduct unit testing and UAT (user acceptance testing).

    6. Implement

    Deliver documentation and training to business stakeholders.

    • Train the trainer.
    • Train the team.

    7. Warrant

    Make any necessary adjustments as the new solution is being rolled out.

    8. Support and Sustain

    Provide support to business stakeholders and deliver continuous improvements.

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    We follow Microsoft best practices and desing thinking principles across all our work to craft outstanding solutions and experiences for our clients.

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