This episode, part of an on-going series, kicks things off with a review and discussion of how Microsoft Teams can enable engagement, confidence and reduce uncertainty across the organization.

In one hour, you will learn about live events, online meetings, teams chat, making the best use of channels to stay organized, the value of the random channel (think watercooler) and more. In particular, you will learn how to use all the amazing apps and experiences that you can add to your channels and teams to stay on track and get things done.



  • Introduction to Teams
  • 1-on-1 chat, meetings and files
  • Group chat, meetings and document collaboration
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Adding files the quick and easy way
  • Planner boards and staying on task
  • Adding Apps to Teams
  • Setting good cadences, rhythms, setting meeting & collaboration expectations
  • Questions & Answers

The Series:

During this event series you can participate in a variety of one-hour webcasts about multiple topics surrounding the world of Remote Work. Not only will these webcast provide knowledge and insights about how to accommodate remote work in atypical situations, but also they will cover how to enable organizations and individual contributors with all the required resources to thrive in a future of more flexible working styles.

In each episode you can expect to learn different techniques, best practices and ways to implement the right tools to ensure outstanding performance, without compromising productivity and the quality of your product or service.