On-Demand Webinar: Managing Remote Project Work in the time of 100% Remote Staff

This interactive virtual work session involves a curated group of managers and leaders providing a knowledge sharing opportunity.

It is an enlightening and interactive discussion of best practices, and successful approaches in remote project work. We talk about managing remote teams effectively and using a set of tools that works – Project for the web, Microsoft Teams and Power BI. These three tools, when used in conjunction can boost productivity through increased collaboration, effective management and transparent reporting of remote projects.

Managing Remote Project Work in the time of 100% Remote Staff will cover:

  • Introduction to Remote Project Management
  • 4 Characteristics of Successful Remote Project Teams
  • Introduction to Project for the web, Teams & Power BI
  • Initiating the Project and Creating a good Project Team in Teams
    • Navigation Basics
    • Templated Document Sets
    • Adding a website
  • Planning the Project in Project for the web
    • Adding the Project to your Team
    • Building out the phases & tasks
    • Creating the Project team
    • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Tracking the Project in Power BI and Teams
    • Adding Your Power BI Report to the Team
    • Adding Your Project Notebook to the Team
    • Project meeting schedule cadences & expectations
  • Facilitation Rules for Meetings
  • Tips & Tricks for Managing Life in Remote Work

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