Life In Remote Work, a Webinar Series

About the Series

As a result of COVID-19 regional authorities around the world have implemented shelter-in-place orders. Companies now have a 100% remote workforce. Some have been preparing for remote work, while many have been caught unprepared. What we can see from this event though, is that the inevitable move to remote work just got accelerated!

The sudden move to a 100% remote workforce hits an organization hard in multiple points. It can be scary for the first few weeks, as everyone from worker to executive scrambles to adjust to the new reality.

Our virtual work session goals is to enable people can to be successful and productive in a world where all work is remote.

During this event series you can participate in a variety of one-hour webcasts about multiple topics surrounding the world of Remote Work. Not only will these webcast provide knowledge and insights about how to accommodate remote work in atypical situations, but also they will cover how to enable organizations and individual contributors with all the required resources to thrive in a future of more flexible working styles.

In each episode you can expect to learn different techniques, best practices and ways to implement the right tools to ensure outstanding performance, without compromising productivity and the quality of your product or service.

Webinar Agenda

On-Demand Webinar – Collaboration and communication using Microsoft Teams –  View
On-Demand WebinarManaging Project Work as Remote Project Work in the time of 100% Remote Staff – View
Thursday, April 9th 2020 – Manage cybersecurity threats to ensure successful business continuity in a 100% remote staffing situation –  View
Tuesday, May 12th 2020 – Maintaining Cohesion and Motivation for Remote Teams  –  View

TBD – Benefits of Remote Work for talent acquisition and retention 

TBD – The Strategic Plan & Remote Work 

TBD – Value Based Work Objective Design 

TBD – Planning Remotely Staffed Projects

TBD – Planning Remote Work Action Plans

TBD – Tracking Remote Work

TBD – Reporting, Navigation & Pivots with Remote Staff

TBD – A Productivity Guide to Working Remotely

TBD – Remote Meeting Best Practices

TBD – “Rules of engagement” – How Managers Can Support Remote Employees

TBD – How organizations can improve their remote work policies

TBD – Maintain motivation and work ethic for remote teams

TBD – Simplifying workflows for remote teams

TBD – How to plan and execute successful events remotely – Best tools and practices