Maintaining Cohesion & Motivation for Remote Teams

Date & Time

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 at 1:00pm – 2:00pm (PT)


In this episode of Working Remote: Success Strategies, you will learn all about using Microsoft Teams to create and maintain a values-driven work culture for remote teams that improves team cohesion and sustains motivation.

Throughout the hour, you will learn several tactics for virtual team management through Microsoft Teams, how these can be infused with values to give your team a common sense of purpose, tips for remote team and personal development (leading versus just managing), and how to create intentional opportunities for feedback and “white space” to grow and maintain motivation. This webinar is perfect for you if you are leading a remote team, want to help take your team’s capability to the next level or if you are a remote worker feeling disconnected from your work.


  • Tactics for virtual team management on Microsoft Team.
    • Individual and group chat tips and tricks
    • Virtual Meetings best practices
    • Document Collaboration
    • Surveys and forms
    • Microsoft Stream for engaging videos
    • Team Planning and Management tools
  • Establishing a purpose-driven team by integrating common values
  • Virtual team “development”–How to lead vs. manage a virtual team
  • Providing space for feedback & “white space” to keep motivation high
  • Q&A

What's Next

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The Series

During this event series you can participate in a variety of one-hour webcasts about multiple topics surrounding the world of Remote Work. Not only will these webcast provide knowledge and insights about how to accommodate remote work in atypical situations, but also they will cover how to enable organizations and individual contributors with all the required resources to thrive in a future of more flexible working styles.

In each episode you can expect to learn different techniques, best practices and ways to implement the right tools to ensure outstanding performance, without compromising productivity and the quality of your product or service.

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