Resource Management Powered By OnePlan

Balance, prioritize and schedule resource capacity with a real-time view into both future and in-flight work. Use OnePlan to gain a dynamic view into all your resources across project teams, departments, geographies, and the enterprise.

Simplify resource planning

Fast, simple, visual resource capacity planning for teams, people, and equipment online.

Optimize resource allocation

See who works on what, spot blocks of availability, and adjust assignments on the fly.

Negotiate resources

Know the health of your portfolios and grab management’s attention through regular status reporting, dashboards, and insightful reports.

Resource analytics

Project and portfolio insights for resources, financials and all work through the enhanced reporting capabilities offered in our OnePlan report pack.

Resource Management powered by OnePlan is a powerful and well-integrated enterprise resource planning and management solution designed to help optimize all types of work.

 This solution enables companies to use a single resource management solution across the org. OnePlan is built on top of the Microsoft Platform and  allows you to operate optimal resource management from a consolidated point of view, for work sourcing from various work and project management systems. 

Key Features

Manage Resources Workload and Availability

Resource Management and capacity planning software to define achievable, role-based projects and balance capacity and demand both in the short and long term (Projects, Products, Applications, Operations, etc.)


Role-Based Planning

Proactively identify bottlenecks by resource role, location, and other key factors to identify issues before impacting the portfolio.


Resource Negotiations and Alerts

Get warnings to the right people at the right time with integrated notifications of new and out-of-tolerance assignments.


What-if Resource Modeling

Leverage OnePlan Portfolios what-if scenarios to model approaches to re-balance capacity. Upsell OnePlan Portfolio Plan

Advanced Resource Management Analytics

Built using Microsoft Power BI, Stratada’s report pack provides enhanced resource management and PPM analytics, extending OnePlan’s built-in reporting.

Stratada’s Timeline and Taskboard custom visuals enhance reports that include dashboards, heatmaps, and more. With Stratada’s report pack for OnePlan, every business stakeholder can stay informed about the performance of projects and epics, objectives, resource portfolios, individual resources, and resource teams.

In addition to providing value to leadership, the report pack also includes valuable reporting for project managers and individual team members through timelines for tasks and subtasks and a board to classify and prioritize ideas.