Oil Company Environmental Remediation – Restoring the Environment Globally

Use Case Profile

Business Case

An oil company performs thousands of environmental remediation activities around the world on a daily basis. In order to maximize the success and quality of delivery of remediation activities, the company monitors and tracks every aspect of the effort at each site. The determination was made that modernization of the technology tools used in support of remediation had reached criticality.

Design Approach

Replacing an existing legacy system that is business-critical requires an exceptional level of diligence. Across the team, activities included documentation of reports, expansion of report requirements based on leadership needs, documentation of all workflows between participants, capture, and enumeration of all data elements required for compliance, business reporting, communication, and workflow enablement, as well as thorough evaluation, capture, and documentation of forms and human interactions by role. Following complete assessment and capture of relevant details of the legacy system, the team conducted design sprints to thoroughly understand the needs of each user role in the system and to evaluate the user journey of the roles in question. Ultimately, designs focused on ensuring that users could perform their necessary roles with minimum time consumption and maximum reuse of information throughout the lifecycle of remediation projects. 


The newly designed and implemented remediation management system has been extended across the globe, supporting over 1500 sites around the world and simplifying activity tracking, monitoring and reporting for the Remediation Management division. 

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Technology Profile

SharePoint Online

The cornerstone of the Remediation Management Solution. The platform provides support for workflow automation, business case identification/submission, and document collaboration, financial approval and more. These capabilities enable thousands of participants across the globe to work together on environmental impact.

Project Online

Key to enabling multiple vendors, contractors, and company personnel to focus on getting the job done. By connecting task management, project forecasting, and team communication, Project provides the pipelines necessary to maximize the achievement of remediation goals.

Power BI

enables visibility into where effort is most critical. It provides leaders, managers, and contributors the data & insights to evaluate on-going performance, to look for gaps in the process and to identify blockers to success.

Office 365

rounds out the Remediation Management solution providing the supporting productivity tools necessary to perform project financial estimation, to manage regulatory and contractual documentation and to maintain project briefings.

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