Process Automation

Automate repetitive and monotonous tasks across the enterprise

Intelligent Automation

Leverage AI models that are designed to optimize your business processes.

Reduce Cost

Automate tasks that require minimal or no human input. Reduce churn, improve process quality, and establish process standrardization.

Increase Productivity

Automate repetitive processes and let your resources focus on what matter the most.

Take Your Time Back

Today, much of the opportunity for greater efficiency lies in providing directive to computing resources to automatically accomplish tedious tasks. Tools now provide us with the ability to easily construct routines that computers can perform for us without the necessity of any advanced software development skills for development and maintenance.

Process automation streamlines business activity, rapidly transitioning from idea to action. Whether communicating and enabling remote decision making between many stakeholders, constructing a complex contract agreement between different parties, performing repetitive data collection or entry, process automation assists employees. If an action is performed repetitively, process automation allows more time for creative problem solving. Process automation often increases employee satisfaction and reduces employee churn as your resources become freed up to focus on unique and exciting tasks. No matter if you are periodically distributing invoices, sending out marketing messages, or reminding hourly employees about time sheets, get more done with process automation.

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Our Methodology

GreennData Process Automation Methodology

GreenData's Automation Tool of Choice is Microsoft Power Automte

We have found that most enterprise process automation scenarios can be fulfilled by leveraging Microsoft Power Automate. From automating desktop tasks with RPA, to developing AI-powered intelligent workflows, to integrating systems and performing cloud automations, Power Automate, with over 300 system connectors is the automation tool of choice for a vast number of organizations.

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