Resource Planning & Management

Evaluating and re-imagining completely your resource and staffing picture, GreenData is prepared to partner with you in preparing your business for the creative age ahead. No longer the world of accountants and metrics – the creative age asks us to “think different” (not to quote Apple too liberally.) Will you join us?

Step forward into a brave new world!

Becoming the corporation of the future means moving past the ideas of the past where we collaborate, team, and build. Sparks of brilliance, extraordinary innovation and star talent are core in the age of creativity ahead.

Our team has been living and breathing the outlier life and future forward design since the beginning. Let us spark your imagination and that of your team. Let’s build a creative culture that inspires your people today and entices the many people you will need to grow your tomorrow.

Design Thinking & Innovation

The intersection where design thinking lives

What to Expect

In this highly customized 4-day Resource Planning & Management Design Workshop, your team and our team will come together bringing the best and the brightest ideas to the table. It’s not enough to transform, it’s critical to evolve.

The GreenData team will work closely with your business decision makers to help them imagine, invent, innovate, and launch your next wave of creativity.

Activities and Deliverables


  • Stakeholder Identification
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Objective Key Results Capture
  • High Level Requirements Capture
  • Use Case Definition
  • Timeline Identification
  • Persona Analysis
  • User Journey Analysis
  • User Story Definition
  • User Experience Identification
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • Fit Gap Analysis
  • Detailed Functional Requirements

Challenge your assumptions and embark on the evolution to a new talent management paradigm with a Resource Planning & Management Workshop series brought to you by GreenData Ventures!