Our Company

GreenData was inspired by three different concepts – creating what comes next, designing the data-driven future and building value that is evergreen. You will find these characteristics central to all of our work.

As a founder, and as a collaborator with startups and corporations, I believe that the only good relationship is a partnership. When we all receive value from the work we do together, GreenData is making the right impact…

John-Michael Scott

CEO, GreenData.IO

Why choose us

Many companies struggle with disparate processes and supporting technologies for managing work. This can be a productivity and employee satisfaction issue that can lead to wasted effort, lower quality deliverables, increased expense, and attrition.

GreenData has a proven record of success helping our customers based on decades of experience and a carefully crafted approach. You will find high emphasis in design thinking and human-centric principles across all of our work.

Gain a clear understanding of your current state

Discuss and prioritize desired outcomes

Propose and evaluate potential future states for processes and technologies

Create implementation and training plans

Deliver early wins and ongoing success

As a non-profit and national provider of services to children, technology has been critical to our success. GreenData is a wonderful partner in helping us create intelligent, efficient solutions that allow us to focus on our mission.
Gilmar Fortis

Director Of Special Projects, Vision To Learn