Meet the Team

John-Michael Scott

CEO, Founder

“Motive force behind all things GreenData.”

Kostas Kamaras

COO, Co-Founder

“Operations leader and team builder.”

Samira Gholami

Commercialization Officer, Co-Founder

“VC and Startup Advisor.”

Carlos Gonzalez

VP, Solution Delivery

“Relentless pursuer of elegant code.”

Akash Teckchandani

Data Science Manager

“Believer in all things data.”

Floris van der Meer

Innovation Manager

“Navigator of the Seas of Innovation.”

Deepthi Radhakrishnan

Innovation Manager

“All things are solved by revenue.”

Delara Vafaeinejad

Data Analyst

“Explorer of sustainability and the data behind the headlines.”

Daniel Diez Canseco

Marketing Manager

“Committed global brand builder.”

Joachim Gutierrez

Innovation Manager

Ever-evolving change agent.

Victoria Landa-Steinau

Data Analyst

“Leveraging the power of data.”

Abby Antoo

Data Analyst

“Uniting people with possibilities explained by analytics.”