Reduce redundancies, boost productivity, by streamlining repetitive tasks and paperless processes

Microsoft Power Automate is a low-code cloud automation platform that unlocks data with AI, automates repetitive workflows with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and orchestrates APIs with built-in connectors. Power Automate’s friendly interface makes it possible to simplify nearly any business process, enabling your people to focus on what matters the most. Leveraging hundreds of connectors with the Microsoft Platform and third-party systems, Power Automate makes it possible for your people to interact with your company data more intelligently than ever, enabling lasting efficiency gains and cost savings.

Why Our Customers Use Power Automate

For Immediate and Lasting Results

5-10% cost savings in 18-24 months, and 30% long-term cost savings

Workforce Innovation

60% of all occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities

Productivity Gains

Almost half of work activities globally have the potential to be automated using current technology

Fast time-to-value

Collecting and processing data are among the activities with the highest need for automation

How GreenData Can Help You

Our team has helped startups, mid, and enterprise-sized businesses to automate and transform their business processes. GreenData’s proven approach starts with a clear business case for developing Objective Key Results (OKRs) before designing purpose-driven solutions. Every Power Automate Flow design and implementation we build follows human-centric principles to create outstanding user experiences and magic moments for technology and business users.

Our team has transformed processes that include leveraging AI to automate invoice processing, fully automating service desk systems, notification and approval handling, report creation for business stakeholders, data integration between project and ERP systems and even hardware and software inventorying.

If you need help deciding whether your business workflows are mature enough to support automation or have specific objectives in mind that can be accomplished with Power Automate, our team can help!

Power Automate Overview


Automation at Scale

Allow everybody in your organization to benefit from automated workflows using their favorite on-premises and cloud-based apps and services. From end users, professional developers, to IT.


  • Automate across your favorite apps and services (300+ connectors)
  • Integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem, including Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and SharePoint
  • Access and integrate data across on-premises software and cloud services.

Seamless and secure integration

Securely integrate automation at every level.


  • Build in an environment founded on security.
  • Apply enterprise-grade governance and customizable data loss prevention (DLP) policies.
  • Access secure, cloud-based identity and management services via Active Directory integration.
  • Access secure, cloud-based identity and management services via Active Directory integration.
team productivity

Accelerated productivity

Minimize repetitive, manual, time-consuming tasks and create more time for your teams to focus on strategic work.


  • Automate and innovate on the frontline to enable those closest to business problems to solve the challenges they face every day.
  • Reduce manual, repetitive, time-consuming tasks, and enable your team to focus on work that
  • Empower IT to solve complex challenges much more efficiently and reduce the backlog of service requests
  • Reduce costly errors from manual processes

Intelligent automation

Streamline how you work by combining the power of AI with automated workflows and business process.


  • Automate legacy, on-premises software via bots and screen scraping.
  • Build, train, and publish AI models specific to your business.
  • Drive end-to-end automation, from simple approvals to complex workflows.
  • Save time by recording and automating tedious repetitive tasks.

Wa Can Help!

If you have an existing business process you have been wanting to automate or optimize, or are looking to get started with Power Automate, let’s talk!

Our team is working with enterprises to optimize processes and digitally transform corporate workflows through automation and AI.