Business Value Assessment

In this Business Value Assessment, experienced GreenData consultants will use design thinking concepts to help decision makers establish a business value goal, a clear business case, and a blueprint for success.

Turn Your Transformation Objectives Into Outcomes With A Business Value Assessment

Our team of experts will help you envision, build, plan and execute business transformation strategies that extend beyond solutions. GreenData leverages the Microsoft Catalyst Methodology to help you make your process and technology transformation initiatives a reality.

We will help you solve business and technical challenges and shape the future of your organization through a highly personalized, one-on-one, 4-day Business Value Assessment that will help you achieve your transformation goals.

At the end of the engagement, in addition to our assessment’s findings, we will provide a detailed plan with next steps to select a software solution, vendor or approach and describe how the proposed solution can help you achieve the primary business goal.

Design Thinking & Innovation

The intersection where design thinking lives

What to Expect

In this highly customized 4-day Business Value Assessment, the engagement will be tailored to your unique business needs. The GreenData team will work closely with your business decision makers to help them imagine, analyze, and execute your transformation activity. Using proven methodologies, we will help you by executing key starting steps for any transformation project and by creating high-value deliverables to help you succeed.

Activities and Deliverables


  • Stakeholder Identification
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Objective Key Results Capture
  • High Level Requirements Capture
  • Use Case Definition
  • Timeline Identification
  • Persona Analysis
  • User Journey Analysis
  • User Story Definition
  • User Experience Identification
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • Fit Gap Analysis
  • Detailed Functional Requirements

The Microsoft Catalyst Methodology

Execute business transformation strategies with a proven, innovative approach.


Imagine what the future state of your business could look like and define your digital transformation journey.


Quantify the value of your business transformation, the case for change and technological impact.


Ensure buy-in across your organization with a visual and tailored immersive experience.


Execute your strategy and ensure a smooth launch with an executive-ready proposal and basis for customer success plan.

Get started today and transform your technology transformation objectives into outcomes with a Business Value Assessment by GreenData, a Silver Microsoft Partner!