Do you need to quickly produce a schedule of work from Project Online Web Access?

When using Project Online, this type of schedule is easy to create! If you need an accessible project schedule across your team that is a bit more robust than a typical SharePoint task list, here is how to create it step by step:

1. Create new enterprise project from Project Online. This will take you to the ‘Create a new project’ page. Make sure to fill in all the information on this page, the inputs with * are required.

2. Once in the project details, click Schedule on the left side menu to see the project’s WBS.

a. If you chose a project template that already has tasks, you will see them now.

Add tasks and subtasks as needed by typing into the cells under the heading Task Name.

3. Save and publish: Click Task on the top ribbon to see the save and publish icons.

4. Staff the project: Click Project in the top ribbon and then click Build Team.

a. Add resources to the project by clicking on the resources and adding them to the project. In this case we have three people that have now been staffed on the project.

b. The resource team for the project will then show up in a drop-down menu in the schedule view, under the resource names column. To get back to this view click Schedule in the left menu. Click the down arrow on the menu and choose the person you would like to assign the task to.


When staffing in Project Online, it will add the resources as 100% allocated, as opposed to the desktop client where you can manually allocate.

5. Publish the project in the same way as step three and check it in so other people can see your latest updates.

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