Venture Development & Launch

Enterprise Venture Design

Design your Innovation Lab, build new business models and spin-outs - stay ahead of the ever increasing pace of change. GreenData knows what it takes to bring Startup Agility to the Enterprise. We're ready to Co-Build with you!


Disruption is standing at the gate. You need good venture partners and founders who know how to keep you in front. GreenData maintains an exceptional network of founders, deal flow and investors who will make you future-proof.

Accelerator as a Service

Have the ideas & product but need to scale-up, go global, something else? We have built an exceptional team of Angels, VCs, Product Geniuses, Growth Hacking Gurus, Master Sellers, Operations Experts and Visionary Founders to Deliver.


You are expert at turning ideas into viable businesses - but - not every idea is a fit for your business. Time to Spin-Out? We bring joint venture, syndication, angel investment, venture capital, and private equity to bear when you're ready.