Wondering how to get the most out of Microsoft Project Online? Check out these tips and tricks GreenData’s CEO gave about this Project and Portfolio Management System during a recent webinar. In this series you will learn how to connect the online and desktop versions of Project, create schedules and staffing models in Project Online, and how to connect your projects to Power BI for powerful reporting.  

Do you want to collaborate with team members or communicate to leadership about projects? Connect the desktop and online applications of Microsoft Project to allow multiple people to have easy access and management of project schedules. There are two methods to connect the two. Which one you choose will depend on where you start the connection process. Method one starts from Project Online and connects to Project Desktop.  While method two is the opposite, starting from Project Desktop and then establishing a connection to Project Online.


 Method One (From Project Online to Project Desktop)

  1. Click the icon shown above next to the name of a project. This will redirect you to edit the schedule in the desktop application. 
  2. Your browser will attempt to open the project in the desktop application. A pop-up dialogue box will appear, click “Open”. 
  3. And that’s it! Your online project is now open in the desktop application

Method Two (Desktop to Online) 

Do you have an existing project file within the desktop application of Project? Follow these steps to connect it to Project Online: 

 A) Launch Project Professional on your computer. 

 B) In the login dialogue box click the “Work Offline” button. If this option is not available select the computer profile from the dropdown and click “OK”. 

This is the standard way it will open if you have not previously connected it to anything. 

C) Open a blank project. 

D) 1. File 2. Info 3. Project Web App Accounts 4. Specify link 5. Set as default account 

E) Now restart the application and during log in choose the new profile from the pop-up box. 

F) Once you go to “Open” and click on Project Web App, you will be able to see all the projects.  

Stay tuned to our website blog and social media to learn about using Microsoft Project Online to publish project schedules to the online, to develop WBS’s on the cloud and to produce powerfull reports across your published projects.

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